What Is a Holographic Will?

Holographic Will

Here in Michigan, a will is an important estate planning tool — one that can allow you to maintain control over the distribution of your property and provide for your loved ones when you are gone. Under Michigan’s Estates and Protected Individuals Code (EPIC), there are several different methods that a testator may use to […]

What Can a Probate and Estates Attorney Do for You?

Probate and Estates Attorney

When you have a foot problem, you go to the podiatrist. When you have a heart problem, you go to the cardiologist. When you want to complete your estate plan or are forced into the probate courts, you need to go to an established probate and estate planning attorney.  Michigan probate attorneys focus on the […]

FAQ: What Is the Estates and Protected Individuals Code, or EPIC?

What Is the Estates and Protected Individuals Code (EPIC)?

If you spend any time researching matters relating to guardianships, conservatorships, wills, trusts, and estate administration in Michigan, you’re bound to come across the phrase “EPIC.” Short for “Estates and Protected Individuals Code,” this refers to the act that governs matters relating to the administration of estates of deceased persons and protected individuals in our […]

“My Loved One Just Passed Away in Michigan. What Are My Next Steps?”

Next Steps After Someone Dies, Michigan

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time. On top of the understandable grief and devastation at losing someone dear — whether a parent, sibling, spouse, or grandparent — this moment can also bring confusion and uncertainty. There are many logistical steps and important decisions that must be taken after someone dies in […]

Managing Creditors’ Claims and Resolving Debts During Michigan Probate

Over the course of a lifetime, we all acquire assets and possessions — and most of us also take on debt, in some form or another. What happens to those debts when you pass on? That’s where probate comes in.   One of the most important aspects of the Michigan probate process is receiving creditors’ claims; […]

Formal, Informal, and Supervised Estate Proceedings In Michigan

A Guide to Formal, Supervised, and Unsupervised Estate Administration in Michigan

The passing of a loved one can be incredibly difficult — particularly when you are put in the position of helping guide their estate through Michigan’s complex and intimidating probate court system.  In Michigan, the probate court has jurisdiction over matters that relate to the settlement of a deceased individual’s estate, including:  The internal affairs […]

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Personal Representative

Important Considerations When Choosing a Personal Representative

Who do you trust to carry out your wishes and make sure that your affairs are handled, when you’re no longer around to oversee these crucial decisions? While thinking about estate planning is not always the most enjoyable experience, it’s an incredibly important step forward — one that can help make things easier for your […]

FAQ: ‘How Long Does Probate Take In Michigan?’

How Long Does Probate Take

The probate court is not a comfortable setting for handling an estate. Not only are the emotions and stress high from losing someone dear, the process can either be long and arduous, quick and painless, or avoided altogether. With that said, many people often wonder just how long the probate process will take, from beginning […]