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Estate Planning FAQ

Estate Planning FAQ

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Legal Attorney Dean Patrick is a licensed Michigan lawyer specializing in probate law. He has the necessary knowledge to provide legal advice and legal assistance to make your life a little easier. His knowledge of Michigan Probate Law ensures you will get the legal help you need when it’s time to take care of your estate planning.

Listed below are commonly asked questions about Michigan Probate Law, Estate Planning, etc.

Q. If I am married does everything go to my spouse without probate?
A. Although your spouse is entitled to assets from your estate, if you have not planned, your spouse will likely be subject to the probate court and its control.

Q. If I am not a “wealthy” person do I need to plan?
A. At a minimum, like it or not, we should all plan for incapacity.

Q. If I pass away can my agent still act under my financial power of attorney?
A. No, when the principal of the power of attorney passes away the agent’s power is dissolved.

Q. What happens if I don’t plan for incapacity?
A. If you become incapacitated and someone must make financial or healthcare decisions for you, you and your loved ones will be subject to living probate.

Q. What happens if I don’t plan for passing away?
A. If you have assets solely in your name, your assets will be subject to the probate court and the State of Michigan will make a plan for you.

There are a million different excuses for not planning. But that’s just what they are, excuses. Contact Attorney Dean E. Patrick to put the experience of helping hundreds with their estate planning needs to work for you.

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