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Guardianship Stories

Guardianship Stories


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The circumstances around guardianship matters are usually filled with stress and emotions, so it is understandable if you feel overwhelmed as you move through the process. Guardianship Attorney Dean E. Patrick is prepared to offer you immaculate services and allowing you to protect your loved ones who are no longer capable to take care of themselves, regardless of whether they are minors or adults. To help frame your situation, read through an example that Mr. Patrick has dealt with before, so that you can feel safe with his broad knowledge and skill set. Meet our pseudo-married couple, Aaron and Barbara.

Maintaining Control and Privacy

Aaron and Barbara were living happily and healthy together until Aaron became incapacitated. In need of money for Aaron’s health expenses and care, Barbara put her family home for sale and found buyers. With all the stress, Barbara welcomed the sale, however the papers were never signed. When it came time to close on the sale, the real estate agent would not let Barbara sign on behalf of Aaron. In order for the control of Aaron’s finances, Barbara would have to petition the probate court. With the help of an attorney, Barbara petitioned the probate court to be the conservator of her husband’s finances. The court did not feel Barbara had the ability to act on behalf of her husband and nominated a court appointed conservator. Barbara was devastated, but at least the house could now be sold. Because Aaron was deemed an incapacitated individual by the probate court, his assets and any other assets he held jointly with his wife, would become a matter of public record.

Take-Away: If you do not plan, the probate process makes one for you, and, oftentimes, it is less than an ideal situation. Aaron and Barbara could have maintained their control if they had nominated a conservator or created a durable power of attorney for finance while they had capacity.

For those not wanting to subject themselves or their beneficiaries to the probate court, planning while you are able to is key. The Law Office of Dean E. Patrick, LLC ready to provide you with guidance and support through situations such as defending your current position as guardian, establishing guardianship for minors and incapacitated adults, terminating/modifying existing guardianship, contest pending guardianship petitions, prepare/file annual court ordered guardianship reports, and nominating guardian(s) for you or your children. By working with Attorney Patrick, you can minimize the likelihood of the intrusive probate court while assuring someone you trust is making health care and custody decisions for you.

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