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By definition, a conservator is a person appointed by a court to manage a protected individual’s estate. If and when a situation arises when an individual can no longer effectively manage his or her own finances, a legal option is to establish a conservatorship in the probate court. If appointed, the conservator is charged with managing the finances of the individual. The decision to appoint a conservator for an individual is a very serious matter, since, ultimately, the Michigan probate court will take away basic rights from an individual. Oftentimes, the estate planning process might include a conservatorship or possibly a guardianship. Attorney Dean Patrick is prepared to guide you through the process in naming a conservator to protect your financial management if you are no longer able to or will help support in the nomination of a conservator given unforeseen circumstances.

One major difference between conservators and guardians is their function; typically, conservators make decisions about the property or the finances of the person while a guardian makes decisions about the person, such as medical or housing decisions. Established conservators are responsible for filing an Inventory with the Michigan Probate Court within a fairly short time period to document all assets of the adult now under the care of the conservator. To ensure that you meet this quick turnaround, at the Patrick & Associates, PLLC, we are ready to make sure Conservators are responsible for the care and preservation of all of the assets of the individuals that they have been appointed to.

Conservatorship Attorney Dean Patrick can assist you with several different services regarding conservatorships including establishing, terminating, modifying, or contesting a conservatorship; defending your current position as conservator, remove an acting conservator who has failed in their duties, file conservatorship accounts, and many others matters that need to be settled in the Michigan probate court system. Because the appointment of a conservator is intrusive by nature, it is important to have legal counsel that will represent the interests of the conservatee and will get aggressive if necessary. Call our Southfield, Michigan office, at (248) 663-2566 for a consultation initial consultation if you require further legal advice or if you are looking for representation in your family’s estate planning matters. You may also click here to arrange your consultation initial consultation. The Michigan Probate Court is a tricky system; don’t be caught off guard without an established probate and conservatorship attorney like Dean Patrick.

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