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Wills Actors

Wills Actors

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Getting a Last Will set up isn’t a pleasant thing to think about, however it’s very important. If you want to ensure your final wishes are carried out, legal help from Attorney Dean Patrick can make that happen. Legal assistance from Dean Patrick is the first step in making sure your possessions and the people you care about are taken care of when you’re gone.

Choosing a Personal Representative (Executor)

After you’ve crafted your Last Will, it’s important to establish an executor of your estate. A personal representative nominated to handle your probate estate has a fiduciary duty (a duty to put your estate’s interest before his own) to follow the directions of your will. You need someone in place that can handle this responsibility. If you’re married, your spouse is the usual choice to be your personal representative.

If you are not married, children or close family can usually handle the responsibility of personal representative. For those who can’t rely on family and friends, professional personal representatives are an option.

Some important characteristics of a good personal representative candidate include:

  • Trustworthiness.
  • Fiscally responsible so as to handle your financial affairs appropriately.
  • Easy to communicate with.
  • Depending on the goals of your will, close proximity to the probate court.

Choosing a Guardian for Your Minor Children

A guardian nominated for your minor children has an important responsibility if they accept it. Generally speaking, the guardian has a duty to handle the care, custody, and control of your minor children. In addition to making sure your children are properly cared for, the guardian is required to file reports, as required, by the probate court. If you are not married, adult children or close family can usually handle the guardian role for your minor children Wills.

Some important characteristics of a good guardian candidate include:

  • Trustworthiness.
  • Easy to communicate with.
  • Good relationship with children.
  • Close proximity to the children.

For a list of frequently asked questions about guardianships, you can click here.
The most important thing about choosing your personal representative (executor) or guardian is that they are the best choice for your circumstances. Remember, this process is not about making people feel equal. It is about ensuring your wishes are respected and carried out when you no longer have a say in the matter!

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