The Downsides of DIY Estate Planning

Downsides of DIY Estate Planning

You may be familiar with the concept of “Do It Yourself,” or “DIY.” In short, this ethos is all about tackling important projects on your own, without having to involve professionals. Most people associate DIY with homeowners researching solutions, buying their own tools, and getting to work making fixes and repairs around the house. Other […]

What Can a Probate and Estates Attorney Do for You?

Probate and Estates Attorney

When you have a foot problem, you go to the podiatrist. When you have a heart problem, you go to the cardiologist. When you want to complete your estate plan or are forced into the probate courts, you need to go to an established probate and estate planning attorney.  Michigan probate attorneys focus on the […]

“My Loved One Just Passed Away in Michigan. What Are My Next Steps?”

Next Steps After Someone Dies, Michigan

Losing a loved one can be an incredibly difficult time. On top of the understandable grief and devastation at losing someone dear — whether a parent, sibling, spouse, or grandparent — this moment can also bring confusion and uncertainty. There are many logistical steps and important decisions that must be taken after someone dies in […]

Understanding the Important Responsibilities of a Trustee

The Duties and Responsibilities of a Trustee in Michigan

Dealing with the legal aftermath of a loved one’s passing can become complex, emotional, and time-consuming — particularly if you are named to serve as a trustee during the administration of your loved one’s estate. Put simply, a trustee is the person responsible for managing and distributing any of the assets held in a trust, […]

The Importance of Estate Planning During COVID-19

The Importance of Estate Planning During COVID-19

The ongoing outbreak of novel coronavirus COVID-19 has spread concern and uncertainty around the globe. The pandemic has also underscored the vital importance of looking to the future, and planning ahead for whatever may come your way. As a result, many people here in Michigan and across the country are considering the necessity of estate […]

Understanding 10 Common Types of Trusts In Michigan

Understanding 10 Common Types of Trusts in Michigan

Preparing a comprehensive estate plan can help ensure that your most important assets will be managed in accordance with your wishes both during your lifetime, and after you pass away. Just as crucially, your estate plan can help ensure that your loved ones will be supported during a difficult and emotional time. Here in Michigan, […]