What Does “Protected Individual” Mean in the Michigan Probate Courts?

Defining Protected Individual in Michigan

In a previous post for this site, we explored a bit of the history and context surrounding Michigan’s Estates and Protected individuals Code (EPIC). In this followup, our goal is to dive more into the definition of “protected individual” as it applies in probate court proceedings — and offer some broad overviews of important concepts […]

How to Provide for Someone With Special Needs as Part of Your Estate Plan

Providing for Someone With Special Needs In Your Estate Plan

If you are the parent or sibling of a loved one with special needs, you know the importance of making sure they’re protected and able to enjoy the best possible quality of life. These crucial and meaningful goals should also be considered as part of your estate plan.  A writing from the Special Needs Alliance […]

When to Consider Choosing a Professional Fiduciary

When to Consider Choosing a Professional Fiduciary as Agent/Conservator/Trustee/PR

Setting up your estate plan isn’t always a pleasant thing to think about; however, it’s a very important step to take when you have the opportunity.   Often, taking time to plan for what will happen to the people who matter most and the assets you’ve spent a lifetime acquiring will include considering who you will […]

What Are the Powers and Duties of a Conservator in Michigan?

The Powers and Duties of a Conservator in Michigan

As defined by Michigan’s Estates and Protected Individuals Code (EPIC), a conservator is a person appointed by a court to manage a protected individual’s estate.  A conservator may be appointed in situations where an individual can no longer effectively manage their own finances or property. In such instances, a conservator takes on the responsibility of […]

In Michigan, What Does It Mean to be Incapacitated?

What Does It Mean to Be Incapacitated In Michigan?

In Michigan, it’s incredibly important to understand the concepts of guardianship and conservatorship — two legal ways to help maintain the well-being of an individual who is not able to care for themselves. In order to grasp the reality of guardianship and conservatorship issues, it’s also crucial to know what it means to be incapacitated, […]