Thank you for supporting St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church of Troy.  

Even before the 1994 door opening ceremony, St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church of Troy made a positive impact in our community and beyond.  Due to the support of caring people like you, the Church continues to supply a positive influence in the world Nicholas.  

The Michigan Probate Group is donating 5% of realized revenue generated from legal services related to our ad in the Echo back to the Church.  At your direction, the donation will go towards the general fund, the building/development fund, the scholarship fund, or the endowment fund. 

Tomorrow is never guaranteed. The Michigan Probate Group is here to help plan and prepare for whatever comes your way. Whether you are ready to develop a tailored estate plan to protect you and your loved ones or if you need assistance with a probate matter, we can work together for the benefit of you, your family, and the Church.

Call the Michigan Probate Group at (888) 674-5298 and speak to one of our experienced estate planning and probate lawyers.  From there, we will move forward together to accomplish your goals and benefit our Church.

The process is simple, and the call is free. You have nothing to lose, but your family and our Church have much to gain.  Call today!

For those that are not in the need of legal services and just feel like donating directly to our Church, click here.

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