Life Insurance Beneficiary Dispute Lawyer

The Law Office of Dean E. Patrick, PLLC can give you the skilled legal representation your case needs. If you find yourself in a difficult position after the death of a loved one, you need a life insurance beneficiary dispute lawyer you can trust. We’ll carry out a detailed investigation of your life insurance case to determine if any undue influence, declining faculties, or coercion was used when assigning a beneficiary.

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Dean Patrick is highly experienced with state and federal laws and can give your case the advantage it needs. If you think you are being cheated out of what is rightfully yours, allow Attorney Dean Patrick to represent you. Challenging a life insurance beneficiary designation is difficult, but with the right attorney beside you, you can make it through the process in less time than you think.

Hiring an attorney with a wealth of experience is imperative if you must take your issue to court. Dean Patrick is ready to take your case into the court room if a fair settlement isn’t reached. He will provide you with the skilled legal representation you need, and meet all of your case’s demands.

Call today to schedule your free initial consultation. We’ll tell you what you need to know to make the first and most important steps in your case. If you need a life insurance beneficiary dispute lawyer, call The Law Office of Dean E. Patrick, PLLC. We promise to give you the legal support you need, every step of the way.

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