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Ancillary Probate Lawyer

After a loved one dies, how do probate courts handle home ownership in multiple states?

Ancillary Probate Lawyer

Ancillary Probate Lawyer

It’’s common to have to deal with real estate in more than one state after a loved one dies. The only part of the estate that the primary probate court does not have jurisdiction over is any real property (real estate) owned outside the state. A separate probate proceeding called an “ancillary” probate must be opened to deal with out-of-state real estate in the state the property is located. This is when you’ll need an ancillary probate lawyer to handle your case.

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Also, if there is ownership of real estate in more than one state, then additional ancillary probate cases will need to be opened in each state.  Without an ancillary estate opened for each state, then any deeds or other transfers of that real estate may not be binding and a cloud on title could result. Dean Patrick can help you every step of the way. At the Patrick & Associates, PLLC., we know exactly how to handle these processes, no matter ho couples they may seem.

We know that having an experienced lawyer is extremely important in these cases. Dean Patrick has extensive experience as a probate attorney and can help you every step of the way. If your loved one has passed and you need to handle the real estate they owned in multiple states, call the experienced ancillary probate lawyers at the law office of Dean Patrick today.

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